As a member-owned cooperative, annual meetings provide an opportunity for members to hear reports from officers and directors, receive a financial update, ask questions and learn the results of director elections.

Director elections begin with the co-op asking for members to volunteer to serve on the Nominating Committee or to seek election to the board of directors. Announcements for both of these opportunities, along with how to apply, are in the November and/or December MiNews prior to the spring elections.

Members may seek election to the board of directors in the district he/she resides through the Nominating Committee or by petition nominations.

Survey & Ballot Systems, an independent firm, conducts the elections voting and mails a ballot and voting instructions to every member. The next director elections are:

Districts 2 & 3, 2024; Districts 4 & 5, 2025; District 1, 2026

Specific details about the election process are provided in the co-op’s bylaws. Members with questions are encouraged to contact Heather Larson at 800-432-2285 or