MiEnergy is your contact for certified energy managers with experience in providing a wide variety of energy management solutions for commercial, agricultural, industrial and residential applications. We identify cost savings opportunities, recommend customized solutions and provide assistance in implementing energy efficiency improvements.

Audit for your business

Our energy professionals have knowledge and experience of your energy operations to identify opportunities to save you money and improve profitability. If you are seeking to reduce energy costs in your commercial, industrial or agricultural business, we can help.

An energy assessment will identify and focus on areas of your operation that make up the majority of your monthly energy bill, including electric technologies, lighting, ventilation, grain drying, irrigation and water heating among others. We can help identify measures that may be taken to reduce your energy costs and how to apply advanced technologies to obtain efficiency improvements.

Assessment for your home

The knowledgeable staff at MiEnergy is available to help you maximize the energy efficiency of your home. Our team can guide you in creating an awareness of your lifestyle and learn what effects it can have on your energy budget. We can also assist in identifying cost savings opportunities and energy efficiency enhancements. By making conscientious energy choices members can improve the efficiency of their home and reduce their monthly energy bills.

By evaluating the member's lifestyle and home for energy efficiency, they can lower their monthly energy bills, and take an active part in energy conservation practices.