MiEnergy cuts and trims trees along the power lines to ensure reliability of power to its members. If you have any questions or concerns regarding tree cutting or trimming near the cooperative's power lines call MiEnergy. Someone will contact you within 48 hours.

Right of Way policy. Trees are a leading cause of power outages, especially when the wind blows. MiEnergy performs routine maintenance of trees and other vegetation on over 2,000 miles of overhead rights-of-way. These routine vegetation management activities are essential to maintain reliable electric service to our members and to provide for the safety of your family and general public.

Vegetation management. Vegetation management is the key to providing safe, reliable electricity to our members. Check out this short video on how electric co-ops clear rights-of-way to keep power flowing safely to members' homes.

Tree planting. Remember that trees and power lines don’t mix. If you plant any kinds of trees near power lines, make sure they’re small and that they’ll stay small. Also don’t forget about underground power lines when you’re planting. Call 811 before you dig. It’s the law!

Tree planting guide